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Embrace Hospice Store

Please Read the Complete Details Below before Proceeding

All Embrace Hospice employees hired before May 1st, 2021 will receive a $75.00 allotment credit limit(regardless of shipping costs and taxes above this amount).

Any overages are to be covered by the individual purchasing the items for this reason the store requires all transactions to submit credit/debit card information. You will not be charged as long as your total transaction is under $75  (including shipping and tax).

For example:

If the cost of your items is $32 + $29 = $61 + $16.50(shipping charge) + Tax = $83.90, then Embrace Hospice will pay for $75 dollars and the employee will be charged $8.90 on his/her card. 

If the cost of your items is $20 + $25 = $45 +16.50 + Tax = $66.57, then your total amount will be covered by Embrace Hospice.

Please contact Sofian A Baig through Tiger Text with any questions and concerns, or to request for password to access.

If you would like to try on any items or have any questions for the store account rep please contact Kris Alston at 210.699.4040 or [email protected].

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