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Feedback is very important to us. 

Caregiver Testimonials

At Embrace Hospice & Home Heaalth our reputation means more to us than just an online review. We receive hundreds of handwritten letters from our patients’ families and caregivers, expressing their gratitude for exceeding the expectations of hospice and home health care. It is our passion to serve those in the most delicate part of their lives.

Read what some of our greatest advocates are saying about their experience with Embrace Hospice & Home Health:

“I can’t speak well enough about Embrace Hospice. When it became evident that my 98 year old mother was in need of hospice care we were a little overwhelmed at the options. After speaking with several people in the assisted living business who we had learned to trust Embrace was something they all agreed was top notch. Their advice was spot on. The care the Embrace personnel provided both medically and spiritually during her last 8 weeks was superb. When mom did pass they were a great help in taking care of the details. If your loved one is in need of hospice care I wholeheartedly recommend Embrace Hospice.”

“I would like to thank Embrace for the outstanding care they provided for my mother the last year of her life. My siblings and I are more than pleased with the nurses Erin and Cheri for tending to our mother in such a professional manner. We knew she was always cared for properly with those two nurses. They were very kind, patients, and loving with not only our mother but, us as the family as well.”

“Embrace Hospice is a company I would highly recommend to anyone. Sadly, my grandfather became very ill last year, and that’s when he and the family made the decision to put him on hospice. That’s when we heard about Embrace, and the wonderful service they provide. My grandfather was made comfortable every day, and was attended to in a professional manner. They not only provided support to my grandfather but, our grieving family as well.”

Read more of the reasons why Embrace Hospice & Home Health has proven to provide exceptional care:

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