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Bereavement Program

Our bereavement program offers personalized bereavement support to family members of patients and all those affected by the grieving process.

Support When You Need it the Most

It’s natural for families and friends to grieve for loved ones who are experiencing a life-limiting illness. The process often begins before death occurs. Embrace Bereavement Services are available for people who are coping with losing a loved one. Our staff is committed to working closely with families who are going through the grieving process. We provide:

  • One-on-one support, starting at the time of admission
  • Print materials to provide education on end-of-life care
  • Supportive touch base calls to patients and families
  • In-home support sessions
  • Assistance with memorial services

Dedicated and Experienced

Bereavement coincides with the imminent dying and death of the individual and consists of two stages: separation and mourning.

Separation occurs when the loved one’s consciousness diminishes and awareness of the environment vanishes. At this time, the family fully experiences their loss and the loneliness of separation. Self-absorption is the hurdle for the family to overcome now. Hospice intervention is directed toward promoting intimacy, if family members are to be supported in their ability to grieve within their family network.

Mourning begins when the reality of impending death hits. The obstacle for the family to overcome here is guilt. Human grief is as strong and as unique as the relationship that has been severed. Grief is a personal experience, different for each member of a family who is grieving over the loss of the same person.  Embrace Hospice has a team approach to treating not only the patient, but recognizes the entire family

Our support is available to families for up to 13 months following the loss of a loved one. The bereavement program at Embrace Hospice is an integral part of the interdisciplinary team, setting us apart from other agencies. We employ an entire team of dedicated bereavement staff who work closely with other disciplines to provide each family the unique support they need on their grief journey. People grieve in many different ways and need many different forms of support.

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