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Medical Alert Awareness Month

Medical Alert Awareness Month

This August, join us in helping to highlight Medical Alert Awareness Month! With recent advances in technology, aging adults have more resources available to help them maintain independence at home. Aging adults living alone can greatly benefit from medical alert devices, which are designed to keep them safe and independent.

Medical alert devices can be either portable or in-home, depending on the needs and preferences of each patient. Below, learn more about the benefits of medical alert devices and how they can improve the home health of seniors living independently.

elderly female pressing medical alert button

Features of Medical Alert Devices for Elderly Individuals

Medical alert devices are one of the easiest ways to help enhance the health and safety of aging adults alone in their homes. Medical alert devices detect serious falls and call for help when an individual cannot reach the phone. Furthermore, some wearable medical alert devices can allow the person to call for help or call for emergency services from anywhere.

Even for aging adults with supportive home health care, medical alert devices can help provide loved ones peace of mind when help is not present. Some newer medical alert devices can even text, call, or email family members when an aging adult needs help.

Promoting Independent Living for Seniors

Medical alert devices are a great solution for elderly patients who want to maintain their independence at home. With support options such as home health care and medical alert devices, seniors can continue living in the place they are most comfortable — their homes.

medical alert device

Physicians and medical staff can do their part in promoting medical alert awareness month by informing patients and their families of available options that can help improve their loved one’s health and safety. Providing information and guidance about choosing medical alert devices can help encourage seniors to thrive in their homes, ensuring their safety even when alone.

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